Apprentice Chef for Levy Restaurants UK

Apprentice Chef for Levy Restaurants UK and Apprentice Chef of the Year 2017

  • Michael Ladapo

    What were your experiences in food before joining Compass?

    I have always loved food and grew up watching my mum cook. However it was when started working at a kitchen in a leisure centre that I first gaining some experience in the culinary world. I decided to take on an apprenticeship after my friend introduced me to Compass. 

    I have now been at Levy Restaurants UK for seven months, recently being named Apprentice Chef of the Year at Compass' annual culinary competition.


    How have you found your apprenticeship to date?

    I haven’t been working at Compass for very long but I have really enjoyed my time here so far. I have had the opportunity to learn many different skills while working towards my level 2 apprenticeship. I plan on developing my experience to help build my career in the culinary world.

  • Describe your feelings at winning Apprentice Chef of the Year 2017

    I was very surprised when I won first place, there was a lot of competition and I knew it was going to be quite tight. Chefs from all across the business showcase their culinary talents at the competition so you know you are up against the best from the business at your level. 


    What do you enjoy most about working for Compass?


    I absolutely love being in the kitchen, I love the diversity of ideas, the techniques as well as the joy cooking can bring. Plus, by doing my training as part of an apprenticeship, I can earn as I learn - a huge benefit! 





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