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Our Heritage

It’s 1941. The world’s at war, and British men and women are working around the clock in the country’s munitions factories.

That old idea that you should “feed your troops well” has carried over to the country’s factory workers, to ensure they receive all of the sustenance they need to deliver munitions to the frontline. But the job of running the canteens was a challenging one, with rations tight and many factories too small to sustain a proper kitchen.

But rather than be discouraged, Jack Bateman forged-on to establish Factory Canteens – a new era of communal dining, focused on providing tasty, well-cooked food that shored-up the health and wellbeing of British workers. And from those tough, early beginnings, Compass was born.

While the decades rolled forward, changing the name and shape of the Company, Jack’s business idea continued to hold true.

And it’s just as relevant to us today...

The belief that great food, great service and great experiences have the power to not only improve how businesses run, but to transform anyone’s day.

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