Our Social Promise | Compass Group UK&I

Our Social Promise

  • Providing skills & progression

    The food services sector is uniquely placed to support people with their workplace progression - regardless of when and where they start.

    We’ll establish clear pathways to progression for all employees, offer support and mentorship programmes, and start tracking progression rates for employees of different genders and ethnicities so we’re clear on the impact of our actions.

    We’ll also continue to invest in the 750 apprenticeships we create each year.


  • Ensuring representation

    From frontline to senior leadership, we want all levels of our organisation to be representative of the UK’s diverse working population.

    By 2025, we’ll have reached 50/50 gender parity for junior management through to senior leadership. Our ethnic diversity will be in line with the UK population by 2027 across all levels and by 2030, 40% of our management and leadership population will be from a lower socio-economic background.

    We will also commit to proactive recruitment within under-represented or disadvantaged groups, including those with a disability.


  • Outreach to our communities

    Working with partners such as DWP, Springboard, The Clink and Care Leaver Covenant, we’re aiming to provide good employment for those from hard-to-reach groups.

    We will also look to launch a new voluntary work scheme, giving our 45,000 employees a day off to support their local community.



  • Helping the next generation

    We know how essential health and nutrition is for people’s wellbeing. Through our education business, we’ll engage with schools on the benefits of nutrition and culinary skills.

    We will also work with schools and colleges to give access to work placements and employment opportunities in the food services industry.



  • Securing fair pay for all

    We will publish clear annual gender and ethnicity pay gap reports, including a detailed explanation of the actions taken to close the gap year on year.

    While we already pay the Real Living Wage to those we directly employ and have a Recognised Service Provider status by the Living Wage Foundation, we will continue to advocate for the living wage across the industry - encouraging clients and suppliers to also pay the Living Wage. Going forward, we will track and report on this activity.