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General Counsel

Jodi joined Compass in 2010 as Legal Counsel for the UK business, before moving on to become Group Senior Legal Counsel at Compass Group.

Jodi Lea

After some time working in other organisations, she has now returned to the UK business and taken on the role of General Counsel for the UK and Ireland. Having qualified as a solicitor whilst on the job, she went to law school in the evenings alongside working full-time in her first role in private practice. Since then she has gone on to work in a variety of industries from regulated financial services to consumer retail, holding senior positions in FTSE 250 businesses. Jodi says she loves the food and hospitality industry and enjoys the variety of work at Compass, with every day being different thanks to our diverse sectors.

The daughter of a butcher, Jodi started her journey in the food industry working for her dad at weekends as a teenager. This is where her love and knowledge of food began…. Jodi is now a keen baker and loves nothing more than the smell and taste of freshly baked bread.


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