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Our Smart Vending, Micromarket & Food Locker Services

Smart Vending, Micro Market & Food Lockers

Make access to nutritious snacks, fresh meals and hot drinks in your caféteria easy, seamless and 24/7 with our vending, micro market and food locker services.

With traditional meal times shifting and snacking an essential form of sustenance, employees want seamless, self-service solutions to suit their nutritional needs. Our flexible vending and micro market solutions are designed to step up to the plate by bridging the gap between traditional vending machines and the workplace restaurant.

Space-saving micro market solutions

Our micro market solutions offer a compact, self-service solution that helps employees stay nutritionally satisfied without the need for a workplace restaurant. Designed with workplaces like offices and distribution centres in mind, our solutions offer chilled and heat-to-eat food, high-quality coffee and a self-checkout system that your people can access 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Temperature-controlled food lockers

Our food lockers offer employees access to proper meals as and when they need them, all through an easy-to-use app. The user simply places an order, selects a pickup time and waits for a push notification to say their food is ready for collection. When they arrive at the locker, all the user needs to do is scan a QR code to open - and they can even cancel their order beforehand if necessary.

Smart vending suppliers

Specialists in the refilling, cleaning and servicing of vending machines, our suppliers deliver unrivalled service and value to our clients across the UK. Collaborating with vending machine brands, other suppliers and regional operators, our vending teams ensure clients' evolving needs are fulfilled, whatever the size of their business.

Bringing creativity, flair and hospitality to employee restaurants, cafes and executive dining rooms. Eurest provides contemporary foodservice solutions from the tearoom to the boardroom (and just about everything in between!).

Get the most out of every minute of every day. All 1440 of them! 14forty package best-in-class facilities management services (from hospitality and security to guest services and cleaning) to deliver great experiences in the workplace.

For more than a quarter of a century, Chartwells has focused on helping young people build strong bodies, sharp minds and to lead long, healthy lives. To Eat, Learn and Live.

From fine dining and delis to employee restaurants, Restaurant Associates creates remarkable food and dining experiences that can transform business success. Food that brings people together... making them happy and more productive at work.

It’s a big job keeping our hospitals moving and helping patients on the road to recovery. To make things run smoothly, over 20 NHS trusts and treatment centres trust Medirest with their catering, cleaning, logistics, helpdesk and retail services.

Food that wouldn’t look out of place in a restaurant... freshly cooked, using the finest ingredients. It’s these premium touches that patients expect in private health. They want their stay to reach the same high standards as a quality hotel: a 5-star, safe and efficient Medirest experience, with exceptional attention to detail and premium service. Medirest Signature tailor-makes these experience for our clients.

ESS are professionals at meeting the unique challenges of defence, energy and government clients with world class food and support services.

As market leader and guardian of a number of specialist catering and hospitality brands, Levy UK focuses on creating bespoke food and drink experiences to satisfy the diverse and dynamic stadiums, arena, conference centres. And while no two client concepts are ever the same, every client benefits from Levy’s good, honest food and heartfelt hospitality.

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