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Fuelling operations at the King’s Coronation

Fuelling operations at the King’s Coronation

For over 40 years, ESS has been the market leader in Defence & Government support services. Through bespoke catering, cleaning and facilities management solutions, we look after the health and welfare of thousands of military, police and government personnel who carry out work in all types of situations – one honourable example being the Coronation of Their Majesties King Charles III and Queen Camilla.

Ensuring seamless service by plating up over 150,000 meals

Throughout the Coronation, ESS provided logistics and catering expertise to ensure the smooth functioning of key operations. One of our primary contributions involved delivering over 150,000 meals to key personnel involved in the Coronation – including 11,500 on-duty officers from the Metropolitan Police.

From the Tuesday prior to the event, ESS provided 24/7 catering service to ensure officers were well-fed and energised throughout their demanding duties. From eight feeding locations and five refreshment stations, a total of 30,000 meals were served to officers during the week.

Training support for the Royal Navy and Royal Marines

Through catering, cleaning and accommodation management, we enabled the smooth execution of guard of honour training at HMS Excellent, ceremonial training at HMS Collingwood and ceremonial training at HMS Sultan in preparation for the Coronation. A total of 850 sailors and officers benefited from our support.

High-quality food on demand

The ESS culinary team worked in collaboration with registered nutritionists to create packed meals designed for lasting satisfaction. These carefully crafted meals included self-heating options for officers stationed at fixed locations, giving them access to warm and nourishing meals whenever they needed it.

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