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Innovating healthcare cleaning services

Supporting Medirest cleaning teams with Hanzel robots

Our specialist healthcare division, Medirest, is committed to optimising its hospital cleaning services without compromising on quality or care.  Last year, the division teamed up with cleaning technology specialists, Killis, to develop an innovative approach to improving hospital cleanliness that would boost efficiency without negatively impacting the environment: robotics.

Combining Compass Group’s passion for consistently delivering exceptional services with Killis’ robotics expertise, Medirest recently deployed 12 cleaning robots to several NHS partner hospitals across the country.

The future of cleaning services

Named in honour of esteemed colleague Hanzel Gardener, who sadly passed away during the Covid-19 pandemic, Medirest’s Hanzel robots offer an experimental yet effective solution to maintaining strict hygiene standards, reducing the risk of infection in large healthcare environments, and keeping hospital team members and patients safe.

The robots are currently active in several partner hospitals across the UK, including Sherwood Forest Hospitals NHS Foundations Trust and University College London Hospital, and offer invaluable support to more than 3,000 Medirest cleaners.

Using a cutting-edge scrubber-drier system, the robots are programmed to clean and dry spacious areas, including hospital corridors, in compliance with national PLACE requirements. For any cleaning responsibilities or environments that require more attention, such as dusting and wiping infection hotspots, a dedicated robot companion steps in to help – putting ‘cobotics’ in action.

Following three trials, independent testing teams concluded that Medirest’s Hanzel robots increased the quality and consistency of cleaning in hospital environments, with hygiene standards remaining higher for longer. They also found that using robotics led to improved productivity amongst cleaning teams, while freeing up time to prioritise any tasks requiring a more hands-on approach. 

Championing sustainability in healthcare

In addition to supporting busy cleaning personnel (and keeping hospital visitors smiling!), Medirest’s robots play a positive role in helping NHS trusts operate more sustainably. They use approximately 70% less water and fewer chemicals compared to traditional cleaning methods, alongside incorporating energy-efficient scrubbing and drying technology.

Providing high-quality care without compromising on the health of the planet is a core value of Medirest’s partner hospitals, which is why our specialist healthcare division is committed to helping them achieve this wherever possible.

What’s more, environmentally friendly resources, such as robotic cleaning technology, play an integral role in helping Compass Group UK & Ireland reduce its carbon footprint. With help from Medirest, we’re one step closer to meeting our net-zero climate targets.

Revolutionising cleaning with Medirest's Hanzel robots:


By teaming up with Killis, Medirest has increased productivity rates and improved cleaning quality.




Hanzel robots use up to 70% less water than traditional methods, offering an efficient and eco-friendly way to sanitise healthcare environments.




Introducing robotics to hospitals has freed up valuable time for Medirest cleaning teams to prioritise in-depth tasks.


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