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WiTHL - Global Female Leader programme


Through our partnership with WiTHL two of our colleagues have recently graduated from the Global Female leader programme. 

The programme is aimed at high potential female leaders working in hospitality, travel, leisure and retail, who are mid to senior mangers, and is designed to provide a series of experiences and opportunities to support career progression.

The ten-session programme created by WiTHL (Diversity in Travel, Hospitality and Leisure) aims to identify the challenges facing women who wish to progress to the highest levels of leadership and provides advice and practical strategies to overcome them.

This cohort sees Claire Steele Head of Operations for Chartwells and Leanne Smith, Regional Operations Manager Compass Retail, taking part. 

Leanne shared her thoughts: "I have been with Compass coming up to 15 years and my current role is part of the Leadership team in One Retail. 6 months ago, I was given the opportunity to take part in the WiTHL Global Women Leaders Program, I embarked on this programme lacking self-confidence and belief having worked within a male dominated environment throughout my early career and within the past few years in Compass which hasn’t helped my self-confidence.

The programme has empowered me as a woman within Compass to feel like I can grow, giving me confidence to use my skills and experience that I have gained from the programme in the past 6 months, building a network of female leaders in our PAG group from Moto, Sainsburys and British Airways (see attached at Graduation) and meeting many more Globally throughout each session who have been a massive support throughout my journey building my confidence.

I now look forward to what the future holds Growing further within Compass Group in the years to come."

Claire shared her learnings here and adds: "I have had the opportunity to attend some fantastic roundtable sessions with some truly inspiring female leaders who have shared their journeys. For me one of the main takeaways has been the realisation that it is really important to be authentic."  

Claire Steele and Leanne Smith