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Barista Academy: Razvan Cojocaru

Case Study

Razvan started his career in coffee while living in his native Romania. Initially interested in mixology, Razvan moved from being a bartender to a barista five years ago at the age of 22. The change was a success: in two years he was promoted to Head Barista and had completed a latte art training week in Turin, an experience he attributes his real love of coffee to.

It was a year ago that Razvan, seeking a change of scenery, moved to the UK. Initially working at a central London restaurant, he then joined the Compass family, quickly becoming one of the top baristas in the business.

Razvan said: “The Barista Academy selection process really brought out my competitive nature, so I am hoping to enter more competitions now as part of my work with the Academy. This is a great thing to be part of and I’m looking forward to learning more and developing my skills!”

Razvan Cojocaru