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Compass Healthcare Hero: Rekah Rajekumar


Rekah has always been a Healthcare Hero, working tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure that the hospital is clean to the highest standard. Yet, during the coronavirus pandemic, Rekah has gone even further showing dedication, passion and selflessness.

From the early days of the pandemic, Rekah has not shied away from the challenges we have faced. As a Rapid Response cleaner, she was needed in areas where Coronavirus patients were being treated and her role would be to ensure that the area was cleaned and safe to be reused immediately. The pressure mounted quickly due to the volume of work that needed to be done, but also the speed at which it was required, and at a time when the team were learning new and enhanced procedures.

Rekah’s performance was noticed by the hospital and her efforts have been praised - wherever she goes her work is complimented. Her proactive attitude has meant she was doing her job, but also supporting others around the hospital when she noticed there was other work that needed to be done – she was a helping hand even in the busiest of times.

She has adapted to new ways of working and shone as an outstanding member of the team at Ealing Hospital.

“I just love my job. I feel happy when I know I have done my best for the patients.” - Rekah Rajekumar, Domestic - Rapid Response, Ealing Hospital