Cambridge Consultants

  • A successful refurbishment

    With a 150-seat workplace restaurant that was struggling to cope with the demand of providing lunch for the majority of the 400-strong workforce, our team and Cambridge Consultants realised a radical re-think was in order.

    We worked together to re-plan both front and back of house, making sure all aspects of the restaurant could comfortably deal with 400 plus people.

  • A relaxed meeting & dining space

    The driving force behind the refurbishment was to create a space that had nothing to do with work so people could sit and genuinely take a break.

    The refurbished Eurest restaurant has become the relaxed hub visualised by Cambridge Consultants, comfortably able to cope with feeding every member of the workforce that wants to lunch there. 

  • Cambridge Consultants’ head office on a science park outside the city of Cambridge employs over 400 staff, and continues to grow. The firm supplies innovative consulting to clients worldwide.

  • “The Eurest team move with the times and are completely aware of people’s tastes. When people became more health conscious they matched that, and when people got more interested in food sourcing they were ready with the right information. They've got it nailed!”

    - Rebecca Badcock, Cambridge Consultants’ representative

  • The restaurant refurbishment process has strengthened an already-robust relationship between Cambridge Consultants and our Eurest team.