Compass Group UK & Ireland announces commitment to reach Climate Net Zero by 2030

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    We hosted an event featuring government representatives & business leaders to discuss how we can build a sustainable food system.

  • Speakers at our event included the UK’s Net Zero Business Champion, Andrew Griffith MP; renowned climate academic, Professor Sir Charles Godfray; and Diane Holdorf, Managing Director of Food & Nature for World Business Council for Sustainable Development.



    At our launch event, we provided guests with a low carbon menu of food and drinks to enjoy. These were developed by our chefs.

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  • We recognise that we are in a climate emergency and will reflect this urgency in our food system transformation. We will commit to making our Net Zero ambition a business priority and a key indicator of how we are performing.

  • The climate emergency is the biggest challenge of our lifetime.

    That's why Compass Group UK & Ireland is calling for a food revolution to fight for our planet. As part of the world's largest food services company, our size and scale enable us to have a transformative influence on global food supply. We want to work with our partners to improve our business and be a catalyst for change. Our target is to reach Net Zero emissions by 2030 in the right way, whilst remaining dedicated to helping people live healthier, happier and more productive lives.

  • We will adopt short to medium term science-based targets to help achieve the goal of a Net Zero performance by 2030, in line with the recommendations set out in the Paris Agreement.
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    The climate emergency is the biggest challenge of our lifetime.



  • We will commit to highlighting the work and stories of those on the frontline of climate change solutions.

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    Compass Group UK & Ireland announces Net Zero commitments. 


  • We will increase our investment in practices to aid our transformation to a Net Zero company and will continue to review our investment strategy as new technologies develop.

  • We will have open and constructive dialogue with our clients, suppliers and non-profit partners to hold them to the standards that we will hold ourselves to. We want those partners to be critical friends to us if we fall short.

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    Compass Group UK&I joins UN-backed climate campaign.


  • Becoming a Net Zero food services company will be the responsibility of the entire leadership team. We will also commit to adding an advisor with specific climate change expertise to our Executive Team.

  • We will report our successes as well as being open about the challenges we face. We will ensure there is clarity in our communication with stakeholders and their feedback will be made public.

  • We will seek to align incentives for our workforce, clients and suppliers with our climate ambitions.

  • Our colleagues will be integral in helping us to get to Net Zero. Across our organisation, our teams are keen to play an active role. We will empower them to develop innovative ways, helping our company transform and rewarding them for doing so.

    Email us to get the latest news about our commitments to achieving Net Zero.


  • We will use our platform to call for policies that support Net Zero including lending our support to a carbon pricing system and national policies to reduce food waste, and being vocal and active in our opposition to damaging practices such as deforestation.