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Creating a Brighter Future Through Sustainable Catering

Paving the way for planet-positive food services

Every day, our award-winning teams feed millions of people, and have been doing so for the past 75 years. In light of this, we’re aware of the influence we have over whether the future of catering for businesses and organisations is a sustainable one.

From sourcing ingredients to serving meals for our clients and their customers, we’re covering every aspect of our food supply and operations to ensure sustainable catering becomes a reality not just for our brands, but the entire sector.

Striving for Net Zero

As part of the world’s largest foodservice company, we’re proud to bring the shared insights and resources of a global business to even the smallest of plates. Together with our collective of brands, we’re striving to achieve climate Net Zero by 2030 through our sustainable catering promise.

As such, we’re always scoping out ways to make bring sustainable catering to the fore of all our foodservice operations.

Responsibly sourcing animal & fish products

In 2018, Compass Group Plc became a founding member of the Global Coalition for Animal Welfare (GCAW), which is the world’s first industry-led initiative aimed at advancing animal welfare globally. We work with major companies to improve animal welfare standards at scale while meeting consumer demand for products made from responsibly reared animals.

Alongside welfare considerations, industrial farming and overfishing pose two of the largest threats to global biodiversity. We have a duty to help preserve all species, including the 40,000 animal and plant species threatened with extinction today. 

Dedicated to happier, healthier lives

Whether we’re sourcing ingredients from our local suppliers or dishing up plant-based meals in offices across the country, our sustainable catering promise is about people as much as it is about the planet.

From introducing more plant-based dishes into our menus to using the latest innovation and technology to deliver practical foodservice solutions, we’re always looking out for the people we work with and serve.

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