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About Us

Compass Ireland is more than a food service provider. We create meaningful food experiences for Ireland’s greatest businesses, with partnerships that combine truly outstanding food with world-class hospitality. We’re creators of culinary excellence and passionate about the health and wellbeing of our clients and customers. We’re proud to work alongside a portfolio of forward-thinking brands, with organisations across business and industry, education, and sport, leisure and hospitality.

Our Locations

From a variety of workplaces, including offices, factories, colleges and sports stadiums, we bring personalised food solutions to market-leading organisations in Dublin, Belfast, Galway and Cork. At Compass Ireland, we’re proud to offer our clients the impeccable service of the wider Compass Group with the personalised approach of a local partner. We support Irish suppliers, enrich communities with rewarding career opportunities, and build partnerships that are rooted in trust. We want the best for Ireland.

Our Services

We develop truly supportive partnerships by tailoring our flexible food services to the needs and preferences of our clients. Empowered by our off-site production kitchen, Copper Pan Kitchen, and dedicated meal delivery apps, Feedr and Time2Eat, we consistently go the extra mile to create food experiences that make sense. Whether we’re managing our clients’ on-site food preparation facilities or delivering freshly cooked meals directly to our customers’ desks and doorsteps, we’re proud to make food work for Ireland.

Our Sectors

Ireland is powered by exceptional businesses, and many of those businesses are powered by us. Committed to supporting Ireland’s business and industry sector, our tailored food experiences are the vital ingredient for many of the offices, factories and warehouses operating across the country. We’re also proud to offer a range of education catering services and bring spectacular events to life with innovative food service solutions for sport, leisure and hospitality venues.

Our Food

Exceptional food is at the heart of Compass Ireland. We believe that every ingredient selected, flavour combination created, and recipe brought to life presents an opportunity to make an impact, both on the wellbeing of our people and the health of our planet. With a food philosophy driven by nutrition, we produce plant-forward menus using the freshest seasonal ingredients. We’re also moving towards a more sustainable future with ingredients sourced from local Irish suppliers and are committed to monitoring the animal welfare standards and fair-trading practices of every producer in our supply chain.

Our Technology

We’re always looking for ways to improve how we operate, which includes championing exciting catering technology solutions to improve dining experiences for our clients and their people. From designing 24-hour self-service kiosks to introducing our own workplace meals delivery apps, Feedr and Time2Eat, we go the extra mile to ensure our clients enjoy our great-tasting food in ways that make sense for them. We’re particularly focused on creating tech solutions that simplify the food ordering and collection process, minimise labour costs, reduce food waste, and encourage healthy eating and lifestyle behaviours.

Our People

Without our family of talented individuals making waves across every level of the business, we wouldn’t be Compass Ireland. From our dedicated sourcing experts to our culinary professionals and serving specialists, every member of the Compass Ireland team plays an integral role in delivering the highest quality food services in the country.

We’re committed to giving back to our people whenever and wherever we can, with exciting opportunities for career development, collaborative work environments and regular wellbeing initiatives just some of the many ways that we show our teams we care.

Our Business

Compass Ireland supports Irish businesses with first-rate catering and hospitality partnerships that are rooted in trust and delivered by people who care.

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General Enquiries

For more information regarding Compass Ireland, or to speak to a member of our team, please send an email to: