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Constellation Jobs

Easily access Compass jobs in your area

Constellation offers roles on a flexible or casual basis within Compass Group UK & Ireland. It provides trained and motivated people to sites across the business that need support at short notice in your area.

Apply to join Constellation and you’ll have the opportunity to work at a range of Compass locations. Join us now by clicking the link below and completing your application:

Benefits to being part of Constellation

Constellation allows you to access a range of jobs at Compass, the leading food and support service provider in the UK. It gives you the ability to choose when and how often you work, so you can find the work-life balance that suits you during these challenging times.

When you join Constellation, you are given thorough training by the Compass team to ensure you’ve got the skills to deliver in a range of different roles. You will then have the opportunity to apply for a variety of temporary roles in your area, offering you a range of experiences in different culinary settings & organisations.

From schools and sports stadiums to retail stores and office restaurants, you could work in a range of different Compass businesses in a week or a month. The application process uses the latest technology to make it easy to search, apply and accept roles in your area.

You’ll also gain access to our unique online training programme that allows us to support your progress, creating additional learning opportunities and helping you grow in your career with Compass.