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Oli & Lauren in Foodbuy

Combined Interview

Why did you choose Compass Group UK & Ireland?

Market leader in contract catering, span so many different sectors and work with so many different high profile clients. There are opportunities to work in all different types of roles in this organisation.

What do you do on a daily basis?

Work in Foodbuy category development. Managing the supply chain on behalf of Compass Group, ensuring we work with a range of safe and competitive suppliers across the UK with an annual total purchasing power of £1.2bn-day to day role includes supplier relationship management, commercial negotiations, product ranging, supporting client and unit issues.

Which skills/ experience are key for your role?

Communication, eye for detail (analytical), reasoning skills, negotiation, being able to see both sides of a situation and mediate any resolutions

What is the best thing about your job?

No day is ever the same, having the ability to impact change from early on in a large and varied business

How would you describe the culture of the organisation?

Energetic, fast paced, supportive, team work

How does the graduate scheme work?

We had a 2 week induction period and then went straight into a role for 1 year, then rotated into a different function for year 2. This has changed for new graduates in Foodbuy who now have a 3 month induction, spend 10 months in role 1, 10 months in role 2 and 1 month on a separate project.

In your opinion what sets Compass Group UK & Ireland apart from the competition as a top graduate employer?

Level of support from day 1 with the graduate team and the Foodbuy team, coaching from senior members from business, a very welcoming and supporting place to work

What advice would you give someone applying for a role with your company?

So many transferable skills can be used within procurement to give you a great knowledge base to begin this role. You just need to be eager to learn, ask lots of questions and be open to understanding a new business.

In what ways has joining the Graduate Programme benefited your career development?

Lots of opportunities to network and meet people in different areas of the business. Having graduate colleagues in all areas of the business gives insight into these areas and how we can support each others areas. Gained strong communication, negotiation and presentation skills that can be transferable in to so many different roles.